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Your Website + Search Engine Optimization is a Winning Combo

When it comes to promoting a business online, there seems to be quite a bit of confusion of how best to proceed. This post will try to better explain on how best to approach your business’s website and questions surrounding Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and the need of ongoing SEO efforts.

A High Performance Website is Key

With marketers focusing on social media marketing and other off site marketing efforts, the website is often overlooked. However, a high performing, fast loading website has never been more important.

A Website Has Multiple Purposes

One of the biggest disconnects that we find with many businesses and organizations is how to exactly approach their website. A website can serve multiple purposes for a business or organization, things like quoting and invoicing, inventory tracking, and other internal business processes. These use cases can distract and actually hurt the overall marketing goal of your website, which is people finding your website. It is critical to make sure that your website’s top priority is to serve new customers and move them through the customer acquisition process. The main goal of a website is to market your business or organization.

A Bad Website is a Bad Foundation

A bad website can be extremely detrimental to your business and your marketing goals. A poorly designed site with poor user experience can prohibit potential customers from reaching out to your business, making a purchase or placing a donation. A site with slow load times, structural navigation issues, and other non-standard coding can make your site virtually impossible for search engines to index your site and show them in their search results. It’s important to remember that if you are having trouble with leads, trouble with converting purchases on your E-Commerce store, this could all be due to your website.

Ongoing SEO Efforts is The Next Step

SEO needs to be viewed in a structural/performance aspect and as a part of your ongoing marketing efforts. As a part of our web design and development, we build our websites with SEO in mind. We make sure that your website can be properly indexed by search engines, that it has the most modern web standards in place, and has a means to continue to update your website’s code to keep this site relevant and high-performing for years to come.

You Need a SEO Plan

When customers ask us about SEO, a lot of questions come up. Do you need to blog? Does your page content need to be updated? What about link building? All these things are simply tactics that are used as a part of your overall SEO plan. Before you should start implementing something, you need to have a goal that you are trying to achieve.

You Need to be Consistent

SEO is not something where you see instant results. Depending on your market, how your current website is viewed by search engines, and the keywords that you are trying to rank for can play a factor in how long it would take to achieve your goals. We always advise customers that it can take up to six months to start seeing results. This means that whatever SEO tactics that are being implemented have to continue for at least that long.

We Make SEO Easy

SEO can be frustrating and confusing for many business owners and marketing managers. Try to make it simple to understand and give you the tools necessary to grow your business online. If you have the proper website foundation in place, we have effective and affordable monthly SEO services that we can offer. Click on the link below to learn more!