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What Does the Future Hold?

As 2021 comes to a close, the question on many people’s minds, particularly executive directors, business owners, managers and even consumers, is what does the future hold? As someone with 15 years web design and application development experience, this question usually is posed to me by our clients in relation to technology and how that affects the business world. In that context, the future has never given a more resounding answer that: the future is the web.

Everyone is all In

As someone that’s been in the industry for years now, there has been a discussion on when we would finally arrive at a point where every user had a device of some kind that afforded them access to robust online services. You can believe whatever narrative you want to believe but the simple fact is that 90% of Americans are online and are interacting with the online economy. Even the cheapest sub $30 prepaid smartphones provide capabilities and functionality to its user that unlocks all sorts of rich functionality. People on fixed incomes end of lower economic standing have affordable access to 4G speeds. While there’s still a lot to be had in terms of a broader broadband rollout in America’s homes (that work will be accelerating and the most recent infrastructure package), we have achieved a critical mass from a wireless standpoint. We are not in a waiting game any longer, the future that technologist and developers have been waiting for is now possible.

Online shopping no longer be ignored

This is connected to the previous point above. It has been argued by some business owners that online shopping just doesn’t fit their demographic. While that may have been the case several years ago, that is a dangerous falsehood to continue believing in. Online shopping became the de facto retail experience of the Christmas season in 2019 and that has only been accelerating ever since. And it’s not like that online shopping is difficult, from a cost standpoint it is very affordable to provide e-commerce functionality to your customers through our web offerings. As Americans have become more health conscientious and have leaned into the convenience is provided by curbside pick up, a form of online shopping is a must to remain competitive in this evolving market.

Rich web applications are a must

One of the things that has really provided a seismic shift and functionality is the liberation of rich web application technology into the modern web browser. Things like push notifications and local storage can be provided through a web service and apps can be deployed to all sorts of platforms regardless of operating system. What’s also huge about this is that the price of rolling this out is more affordable than it ever has been. If you aren’t familiar with what web applications are, go read our page on the web application development.

No more excuses

The biggest take away from this post should be that you have no more excuses! You need to start providing robust Web services and online shopping experiences to your customers. This even goes for nonprofits and churches! Online giving and interacting with your donors has never been easier. Things like video streaming are also simple to provide an affordable to do. What are you waiting for? Let’s get started today and make 2022 your best year yet.

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