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McNair Media provides a range of services meeting the needs of clients large and small. We provide comprehensive consulting, design and development services to grow your online visibility, help look for inefficiencies, ways to modernize and streamline your internal business processes. We start with an initial consultation and then proceed with auditing your business to determine your next steps, including your marketing efforts.

Market Research

Once we have have gotten through our initial consultation with you about your business, we move into the market research phase. This helps us better determine what are your position in the market, things you need to be thinking about with your business moving forward.


Your image is your biggest asset. Whether you have recently started a new business or are working on a re-branding of your current business, we can help shape the visual imagery and messaging of your brand.

Website development

Your website is a critical component to your business, regardless of your customer type (direct to consumer, business-to-business, etc) and should be approached in the best way possible. This is why we provide best-in-class web design and development services to our clients.

Custom APpS | Point of Sale (POS)

Depending on your needs, McNair Media has the capability to deploy custom internal or customer facing applications for your business. For our retail clients, we have the ability to deploy robust Point-of-Sale (POS) software and equipment to your store.

Once your market is will understood and you have the necessary components to effectively reach said market, McNair Media provides a full range of marketing and advertising packages to help grow your business.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is key to bettering your position in Google. McNair Media can train your staff in how to properly post blogs, update content and ensure that it is optimized appropriately. We will create a series of best practices that are exclusive to your organization.

Email Marketing

Here at McNair Media, we have developed our own email marketing platform that makes things simpler, cheaper and more affective than leading self service email marketing providers… especially with large subscriber lists.

Social Media

McNair Media has extensive social media experience. We provide strategy, management and advertising services for social media. While the primary social networks that businesses focus on today are Facebook and Instagram, we also provide services for Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.


McNair Media has the expertise to reach and acquire customers for our clients through online advertising. We provide advertising opportunities with Google Ads, Bing Ads, Social Media ads on all platforms and retargeting advertising.

video Advertising

Adding video to your online advertising campaigns can provide higher levels of engagements for your ads, which could result in increased customer acquisitions.