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SEO Web Developer

The most overlooked elements of SEO is picking an experienced and knowledgeable SEO Web Developer. One of the most important things is that your website has to be constructed with SEO in mind. Without a solid foundation, no amount of strategic blogging tactics or other content related efforts will be able to overcome and provide the results you are looking for.

Benefits of SEO Website Development

There are a lot of things that an experienced web developer with SEO knowledge can find with your site that can increase your SEO rankings. Below is a list of items:

    Load time is more than just a slow server. It can be a complex problem with your site’s code conflicting, software on your server not being updated, etc.
    Site redirects can cause some hard to diagnose problems. We have also seen sites fall into infinite redirect loops, rendering some or all of the site useless. Proper redirect management on the server side can improve your rankings and avoid serious downtime issues.
    CSS AND JAVASCRIPT errors are another common website error. These problems can be a result of poor web development at the beginning of the site build, a poorly made plug-in, or a recent change that broke a critical aspect of the site. You can manifest in visual problems with the site all the way to hidden load time slowdowns.
    Even seasoned web designers can run into serious problems with their web server. Our base website maintenance package includes server maintenance to avoid all sorts of server errors.

Does SEO Even Matter?

The answer is yes! People go to search engines to find anything and everything. 93% of all web traffic comes through search engines, and 87% of smartphone owners turn to search first in a moment of need. From a consumer’s point of view, being in Google search is almost like a seal of approval. Things like reviews amplify this trust factor with consumers. SEO is simply too important to ignore. We have written quite a bit on why SEO matters:

Full Service SEO Agency

McNair Media provides a range of different SEO services to our clients. Our approach to SEO is to better position your business online in front of relevant searches that could actually turn into customers. McNair Media offers a range of monthly SEO services to our web design and development clients, depending on the size of your company and the range of products or services you are trying to grow. These campaigns provide clear objectives within a 6 month campaign. Interested in learning more about our monthly SEO packages? Click here! Let’s set up a time to talk through your needs!

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