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SEO Campaigns Work: A Case Study

SEO Campaigns Work


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a tough subject to discuss. For many, purpose and intent of SEO is elusive. However, what we have found time and time again is that SEO works. Thoughtful market research and strategic monthly SEO campaigns can see significant growth for your online presence. Below are some stats that we have seen from a recent 6 month campaign with a client:





How Does This Translate Into Sales?

Those stats are impressive but it’s important to understand why this important to your online growth and the overall health of your business. Ongoing SEO is about increasing your presence. The way this is done is getting your website in front of more eyeballs or impressions. Impressions is the metric that measures how people have seen your link in the search engine result page (SERP). An impression does not mean any action has been taken, it is simply defines that a person has had the potential in seeing your search result. This is where many people get things wrong with SEO. Anyone can increase your website’s impressions, but an SEO expert can increase your impressions in front of relevant people.

The more impressions in front of relevant people will result in more clicks. Clicks measures people that actually ended up on your site by selecting your link within the SERP. The more clicks you receive will result in a lead being generated. Leads measure the number of inquires (phone calls, contact form submissions, emails, etc) you have received.

You’Ve Grown Your SEO Visibility But The Sales Haven’t Followed?

If this is the case, you need to call McNair Media. Many SEO consultants grow your impressions, clicks and even leads to get impressive stats, but care little about your actual sales goals. We have talked to countless business owners who have had SEO work done for them and were inundated with unqualified leads.

This is what makes us different, we are more than just SEO professionals. McNair Media is a full service consulting firm here to assist you in everything for your business. We consider how your entire business runs, from your product/service’s profit margins, your sales process and more. Our busienss consulting services can assist you as well as our other services:

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