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Privacy Policies

A Privacy Policy (or privacy policies depending on your needs) is a statement or legal document that discloses all the ways an entity collects, uses, discloses, transmits, and manages a customer or users’ data. While we make it abundantly clear to our clients that we are not lawyers and cannot provide legal advice, we consult our clients on the messaging of these privacy policies to their customers and users.

McNair Media’s commitment to your personal data

Since the beginning of McNair Media, we have been committed to providing the absolute best experience to our customers and our customer’s customers and users. We continue to innovate and progress our services to a point where our sites achieve the fastest load times with the fewest compromises. This work led us to investigating advertising and web tracking practices and how they significantly degrade load time, and as a result hurt overall sales. We believe it’s important for all our clients to have a strong understanding of how web tracking works, how big businesses manipulate small businesses into seeding over large swaths of their customer data, and why it’s important to approach your online marketing compliance with Internet regulations.

We Fight for the users

If you remember the movie TRON, you remember this concept. This is at the heart of everything that we do at McNair Media. While we may build an app or a website for a client, our commitment is to the users of that app or website and advocating for them. We believe this is in the best interest of our clients, but it’s also the right thing to do for their users.

Our Privacy Services

McNair Media provides a range of different web and Internet privacy services to our clients. Our approach to online privacy is to better position your business or organization’s privacy stance in front of your clients to help build customer relations. Let’s set up a time to talk through your needs!

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