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Now Offering Church Plans with Mobile Apps

McNair Media has just released new plans for churches that include affordable mobile apps and Smart TV solutions. With a simple monthly fee, churches can launch apps into the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

“2020 was a real wakeup call for churches and made it imperative that they have some form online offering to reach their congregation when they are sick or if a health epidemic is raging in the local community. Many churches were caught off guard by the lockdowns and we wanted to provide a way for churches to reach their congregation easily and affordably. We started in March and April 2020 with our church from home kit and now this is the full realization of the vision we had.”

These new plans bring affordability to church websites and church mobile apps while creating a custom design based on a church’s existing brand standards. The pricing is so competitive that it beats out pricing offered by the leading church website builder platforms where the church must build the site themselves.

McNair Media church page has been updated with all the new pricing tiers available. You can view the pricing and get started today by visiting the link below!

View the McNair Media Church Plans

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