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Improve Your Site with SEO Best Practices

Once someone grasps what search engine optimization is, the next question is “how do I improve my SEO?” This leads people down a lot of different paths, some practices that are recommended and others that are against Google entirely. In this post, we’ll be outlining some of these best practices.

SEO Best Practices

#1 SEO Website Development

This is #1 because it is so foundational. Your website: the server which it runs on, the content management system that it uses, the code frameworks that your site is using all play a significant role into how your site is read by search engines. To overlook your website’s load time and user experience is usually the reason why your site doesn’t rank high in search results, why you aren’t getting contact form submissions, and why you aren’t making sales online. This is why we are so committed to being a cutting edge SEO web developer to ensure that your website is functioning optimally.

#2 Search Engine Optimization Plan

The definition of a plan is “a detailed proposal for doing or achieving something.” A plan is not simply blogging or adding keywords to a site, it is more of a SEO marketing plan. It needs to align with your overall sales and marketing goals. The SEO plan needs to be focused on keywords that can actually increase your leads and sales. That focus should be guiding the work, not stats like impressions and clicks.

#3 Professional SEO Consultant

Due to the nature of how SEO interconnects into almost everything you do (how you brand yourself, how you communicate yourself through marketing and advertising, etc), it is wise to be referring your efforts over to a professional SEO consultant. Many times businesses will rebrand themselves internally or with an outside branding agency, and never consider the SEO ramifications. This will lead to a rebrand that seriously damages the SEO rankings of a business, which ultimately affects sales. Our SEO consulting service is one that we offer as a standalone service to businesses and organizations that want a second opinion on how they are proceeding with a site or branding redesign, a change in messaging or service offerings.

#4 Content Optimization

Content optimization is almost always overlooked by businesses and marketing professionals. It is usually done poorly due to a lack of understanding of how search engines work, bad SEO practices, or “thin content” that does nothing for the reader. We employ professional writers with English degrees to ensure that our content works for both the reader and the search engine.


McNair Media provides a range of different SEO services to our clients. Our approach to SEO is to better position your business online in front of relevant searches that could actually turn into customers. Let’s set up a time to talk through your needs!