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How Does Google Pick What Shows in Search Results?

SEO is a perplexing topic for many and the question of how Google picks what shows up in search results is one of the top questions that business owners ask us. While we try to answer this question as concisely and directly as possible, our answers never seem satisfying. This is partially due to the answers coming from us and not directly from Google. Now Google is publicly showing a list several of the factors it used to rank a search result in the about this result section, something that you may or not be seeing as you search.

There are several factors that go into a search result: terms related to your search will appear in search results, search results that have images related to your search will also show as well as results that have other websites linking to them with terms like your search. This new box within search results will summarize how the top result was picked in ways you can refine your search. This feature is currently showing for about 10% of search results now and should start rolling out to more results in the future.

Why This Matters

This should shed more light on how Google ranks searches. This also shows why it’s important to talk about the topic you want to rank for without going off into tangents on other topics. Many times, when we are talking about content marketing strategies with clients, clients feel the need to mention everything they do. This turns your content into nothing more than regurgitated rewrites of the same thing while not focusing on the topic you were originally setting out to target. As an example: if you’re making a page about the best running shoe of 2021, it wouldn’t help to talk about how you have used shoes from 2020 available. This is off topic and would hurt your SEO efforts of trying to rank for “best running shoe”.

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