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Facebook and Instagram outage is proof you need a website

On Monday morning, Facebook and all its properties, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger and more went down for several hours (at the time of writing this post, they are still down with no ETA). While outages have happened to virtually every platform and every website at some point, this outage is particularly devastating to the thousands of small business owners that rely on Facebook for their very existence. Direct to consumer farmers, small boutique clothing stores and nonprofits all rely on Facebook to communicate to their audience and make most of their sales and donations.

While part of us feels their pain of what they are going through, we have been warning business owners and nonprofits about this for years. Facebook is like a rental property; you have little control over how things are run. If something goes wrong, or worse you get locked out, everything you have little recourse and are beholden to the owner. Right now, business owners cannot access their customer messages, don’t have any other means to contact their customers, and are seeing a complete shutdown of their online commerce.

A Website Could Do ALL OF THIS

Websites are not only capable but are far better at doing all the things mentioned above. AND a properly built and maintained website can be rerouted to another server and be back up after an outage. Websites are also not expensive, especially if you choose a website platform like McNair Web. You can be up and running in a matter of weeks and have complete control over communicating to your customers. We provide email marketing, push notifications and multiple payment processing providers so that you don’t feel trapped.

Let’s Talk!

You may have suffered a lot today but still have reservations about getting a site built. Let’s talk! You can call us anytime at our 1-800-894-0951 number or you can schedule a FREE consultation today by going to our contact page here.

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