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Google Adwords Management and Facebook Advertising Services

McNair Media has the expertise to reach and acquire customers for our clients through our digital advertising services. Below are the online advertising services that McNair Media utilizes to bring our clients success. 


Google Adwords provides your business access to consumers through all of Google’s services from Google Search, the Google Display Network, Google Maps, YouTube, Gmail, and to many others. Despite other online advertising avenues beginning to gain traction, Google’s ad offerings continue to be the primary method of successfully reaching consumers online. 


Facebook Ads goes beyond “boosting” a post. Facebook provides a robust ad platform that is starting to rival Google in terms of cost and effectiveness. Facebook has grown their ad platform beyond just the News Feed to include the Facebook Audience Network and Instagram. If you are a business that is directed towards consumers, Facebook Ads could be the best way to reach them.


Microsoft’s Bing Ad Network has grown beyond just the Bing search engine to include its own Display Network, Yahoo properties like Yahoo Search and Yahoo News, AOL and others. This combined platform provides nearly 30% of online searches and traditionally provides marketers with lower cost per click bids. Bing can be a great way to grow an already successful online marketing campaign or could turn into a primary driver of leads for your business.


Retargeted site traffic is a fantastic way of staying out in front of current or prospective customers. Combined with an active Adwords or Facebook Ad campaign, the intelligence of those ads can provide with personalization that will increase ad engagement and make sales. With a typically low cost per acquisition, retargeting can be a great investment. 

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