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Designing for Dark Mode

Dark mode is a popular feature present now on all major operating systems. Users can easily switch back-and-forth between these colors settings, but what isn’t considered is the complexity of designing with a dark mode in mind. In this post, we’re going to talk about how we approach dark mode when it comes to branding and design and how we bring this popular feature to our client’s websites and apps.

Dark Mode is Not Just a Black Background

Contrary to widely held belief, simply setting the background as black is not the answer to implementing dark mode. You can see this quite clearly in the McNair Media dark mode setting. We use a dark gray that complements the orange and yellow colors of our brand.

Dark mode is Hard…

As users, we may wonder why it takes so long for apps and websites to implement dark mode. However, as a business owner, you may have quickly seen how limited a design is when you take your company logo and put it on a different colored background. The reality is that dark mode is hard to do and usually brings up glaring problems within the existing branding design. So, to implement dark mode is to redesign all a business’ branding assets.

…Unless You Have a Solid Brand Design

When we finally got the McNair Media website platform configured and ready to go for dark mode, we realized quite quickly how important good branding really is when trying to implement this feature. For the McNair Media website, it was quite simple to flip everything over. This was because we specifically rebranded and reapproached our branding design with dark mode in mind. Our logo can very easily set on white, black, or any color other than the orange used in the logo itself. Below you can see our “light mode” version of the McNair Media site on the left and “dark mode” version to the right. You can also see it for yourself by clicking on the “Toggle Dark Mode” at the top of the site on desktop or within the mobile menu below the menu options.

Get Dark Mode on Your Site!

We offer several options for website owners that want temple meant dark mode on their site. We provide custom web design solutions as well as providing a competitive website platform through McNair Web.

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