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Smart TV Apps and Digital Signage Solutions

Digital signage solutions are a fantastic way to keep your retail store or office vibrant and current with whatever news or information you want to share with your visitors. These electronic signage solutions are typically cost prohibitive for most small businesses and independent retail stores, but McNair Media provides a robust and cost effective digital signage implementation that costs thousands of dollars less than competing solutions.

Affordable Digital Signage Solutions

Digital science can be used for a variety of purposes but the most beneficial purpose is to show non-interactive content like video content loops, restaurant menus, and other passive wall displays. Our digital signage solutions also provide easy management right from your McNair Media website so you don’t have to pay large monthly fees to access software to manage your displays. Depending on existing equipment within your location, our solutions can provide a repurposing of this equipment. This level of flexibility by using existing equipment and further drive the price down of your new digital signage implementation.

Custom Designed Smart TV Apps for Electronic Signage

We provide digital signage solutions through our Smart TV app development solutions. This provides our clients with a variety of platforms and provide a range of solutions to fit your particular needs. Below is a list of the top platforms we support:

Deployment Platforms

Smart TV and Signage Solutions

There’s a lot of different signage solutions and Smart TV apps that you can choose from below are a couple of the common solutions we provide:

Trade Show Signage

Our trade show signage solutions provide offline video and “plug-and-play” setup. Just set up the TV and select your custom app. All app data can be installed locally onto the TV for seamless playback. No WiFi required!

Retail/Restaurant Menu Signage

Want a display like what you see in major retail outlets and for restaurant menus? Don’t rely on hardware companies, we can assist with the deployment of those displays and provide robust and easily editable display information.

Church Video Apps

Deploy custom video apps to every major Smart TV platform, including Apple’s tvOS, Samsung’s Tizen, LG’s webOS TV. Users can go to their Smart TV’s app stores to download and run your video app. You can also easily update your app.

Custom Made Apps

Are custom digital signage solutions are built just like our native mobile apps, using the latest technologies and coding languages. We select what technologies make sense based on your specific project requirements.

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