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Creating Content is Hard… Just Look at AT&T

Creating Content is Hard

How To Make Your Content Creation Efforts Successful

News is breaking that the megamerger between AT&T and WarnerMedia is falling apart. Reports are showing that AT&T is looking to spin out their media division and create a separate company along with Discovery. There’s a lot of commentary surrounding this but the consensus is that it is hard to make a successful content creation operation to aid someone’s main business goals. We see this a lot when businesses and organizations work to create content in-house to boost their search engine optimization efforts. Creating content is just hard. Here’s some advice on how to make your internal content creation marketing efforts successful.

Anyone Can Create Content, Right?

Creating content, specifically SEO optimized content is key to any successful marketing strategy for a business or organization. The problem is that many organizations woefully underestimate what it takes to create content. This is especially dangerous when an organization tries to create content internally and doesn’t have a clear way to track employee productivity. We have seen businesses devote almost 50% of the staff members time to contact creation, only to find that content has no real benefit to the success of the business. There’s no indication whatsoever, no search ranking growth, no increase in traffic, nothing. Anyone can create content but the real question is whether or not someone can create content to successfully grow your search rankings, increase leads, give your sales team more at bats.

Outsourcing is Costly, Right?

Once again… if an organization doesn’t have a good method of tracking employee productivity, it can appear that hiring an outside SEO content consultant would be costly. The problem with internal content creation is that it typically involves staff members that were hired for other tasks. While they may be skilled at generating content, they are also juggling the 20+ other tasks that you have for them. Sure they can write a blog post and make a social media post, but do they have a good handle on knowing what the exact time contact should be published? How much time should they be spending on the various marketing channels that they are managing? Even if they were hired specifically for the role of content creation and are qualified for a position such as that, how connected are they into what is going on in the world of content marketing? You’d be surprised at how many internal staff members generating content feel overwhelmed with questions like that. Simply bringing in someone that can help illuminate what is working and what isn’t working can take a significant weight off the shoulders of your staff. This can also supercharge efforts that may have not gotten the attention necessary but are actually driving in the majority of your sales.

Content Creation is Actually a Time Suck if You Aren’t Careful

There’s a concept that is well known in the production world that can help you better understand why creating content tends to run into trouble of any kind. It’s called the Project Management Triangle. Below is a visual representation of this below:

Here are your choices. Your project can fall in the same area as any of the check marks. Image from InReach Solutions

What most internal content creation teams strive for is that middle section of the project management triangle, the thing that doesn’t exist. The team tries to juggle a nonexistent internal budget, an unrealistic timeline and quality standard. The content turns out to be mediocre, takes a long time to create, and it cost the company way too much in terms of employee time to create. This is a recipe for content that won’t achieve the ultimate goal it was created for. Even the best looking and engaging content can fail at generating leads for your business. Content creation experts like us know what that project management triangle balance should look like for your organization.

You Do Content Creation to Generate Sales, Right?

Ultimately you are creating content to generate leads and sales. You need to work with professionals that can keep those priorities intact and help you see what is working and what is not so you can course-correct. If you work with the right team like McNair Media’s, our team can generate the content in-house or work with your staff in how to capitalize on their content creation capabilities to generate you more leads and sales. You can leverage our multi faceted content creation skillset as well as our website and app development capabilities. Our all-inclusive SEO campaigns see an 100% average growth in leads for our clients in the first 6 months. Do the math, what would a 100% increase in leads look like for your business in terms of revenue? If you aren’t seeing the results you want from internal efforts, give us a call.

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