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Can We Be Done With The Web?

2020 brought about an immense reliance on online services for business and with it, a growing digital fatigue amongst consumers. In fact, a recent study shows that 45% of Canadians are seeking downtime from internet-enabled devices. This has begged the question; can we be done with the web and “go back to normal?”

Internet Service Usage and Profits are Up

No matter the sentiment, profits and usage of internet devices and services are at an all-time high and have no real signs of slowing up. The only thing slowing the technology industry right now are supply chain issues. What consumers are really doing with their money is buying more internet-enabled devices and services. Apple’s Mac sales are at an all-time high and other tech companies like Google and Microsoft are also seeing crazy growth.

IT’s Affecting All Industries

It’s not just Internet or Technology businesses seeing this boom, businesses from all over are seeing huge growth from their online investments. McDonald’s recently saw double-digit revenue growth due to their digital sales relating to delivery and curbside pickup. With most lockdowns and stay-at-home orders absent from Q3 of 2021, it’s becoming clear that this is a real consumer shift. While some may be concerned for their health and safety, a more plausible explanation is the convenience of online ordering.

The Web is the New Normal

Like it or not, delivering products and services through the web is the new normal. This shift started way before 2020 and was only supercharged due to the pandemic. At the height of pandemic lockdowns, e-commerce spending was 44.5% of all retail. As of Q3 2020, e-commerce is now nearly 20% of all U.S. retail spending, according to Digital Commerce 360.

The future growth of businesses will be affected by their use (or the lack of use) of web technologies. We saw many of our clients with web services implemented within their business see fantastic growth and continue to grow due to their e-commerce implementations. We can help you as well!

Let’s Take Your Business to the Next Level!

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