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Apple Maps Now Has Native User Ratings in the US

Apple has finally released its native review system in the US. Learn more about the new user review system, some of the new features within it, and what this means for local retailers and other points of interest based businesses.

What Has Changed?

Apple introduced this new native review system and photo uploader for Apple Maps with iOS 14 last year. This new system is built entirely by the company without relying on third-party services like Yelp. This now provides a new ratings and photo system for points of interests and retailers within Apple Maps.

Unlike most new features introduced for iPhones and iPads, Apple started testing and rolling out to select countries in Europe, and then expanded to more countries in Asia and Latin America. On Monday, these features were finally rolled out to US iOS users.

Why is this Important?

This is twofold. Number one, taking away reliance on third parties like Yelp de-emphasizes the importance of Yelp towards points of interest based businesses and retailers. Number two, many businesses are probably not even aware that they have a maps location within Apple Maps. The lack of native reviews on the platform kept businesses focusing on managing their Google Maps and Yelp accounts.

What Should You Do?

We recommend that you get on to updating your Apple Maps listing. Apple Maps is the number to mapping application in the world and the default map application on iPhones and iPads. You want to make sure the potential customers see up to date information like open/close times and other services you provide (examples include Free WiFi, being Wheelchair Accessible, and more).

If you are already a client of ours, you’ve already got a profile with Apple Maps. We also are providing additional information for our applicable clients on how to best utilize Apple Maps wihin our client portal. If you are not a client of ours, you can head over to Apple’s Maps Connect website to set up your account. you can also reach out to us and we can assist you in that setup process.

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