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App Development Consulting

McNair Media provides cost effective application development services to small businesses around the country. We provide a range of application offerings, from mobile apps for iOS (including App Store inclusion) and Android, along with desktop applications. Depending on your needs, McNair Media has the capability to deploy custom internal or customer facing applications for your business. For our retail clients, we have the ability to deploy robust Point-of-Sale (POS) software and equipment to your store.

Our App Development Consulting, Design and Production Process

McNair Media has honed and refined a robust and effective app development consulting process that helps businesses in all stages approach app development. Below is a post that talks about what it takes to develop a custom app and what the overall process would look like to build the app you have always wanted for your business or organization:


Unlike most app developers, McNair Media focuses on your business goals first and creates applications (including internal applications and customer facing applications) geared towards achieving those results. An app by McNair Media is infused with professional marketing expertise that is unrivaled amongst most development shops.  

Customer Focused Apps

McNair Media can deploy your customer focused apps on all of the major platform stores and platforms, Apple’s App Store. Google’s Play Store, Microsoft’s Windows Store and through the web as a web app.

Internal Apps

Depending on your needs, submitting your internal company app may not be the best decision. We can deploy natively coded apps to your company devices and save you the headache of the app review process. We also can provide you with the option of a web app deployment. These are much more affordable than a native application and are fantastic options in an employee centric app.


We live in an ultra competitive world. Most major retailers and franchises are already deploying applications to their customers. Our app development services allow you to provide a first-rate experience for your customers, while also working within your budgets.

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