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September 2021

Designing for Dark Mode

Learn about how we approach dark mode when it comes to branding and design and how we bring this popular feature to our clients websites and apps.

iPadOS and iOS 15 Review

Apple has released version 15.0 of its iPad and iPhone operating system. Learn more about the update, whether or not you should upgrade just yet, or if you should start looking at getting a new device.

New Nonprofit Plans Available

McNair Media has just released new plans for nonprofit that include affordable mobile apps and donation solutions. With a simple monthly fee, nonprofits can launch apps into the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. 

Approaching a Cross Platform App Project

Have you heard of cross platform frameworks? They promised to provide more affordable and faster rollout of applications. Read what our thoughts are on cross platform frameworks and how you can move forward with your new app!

iCloud+ a Gamechanger for Small Teams?

We have been testing out Apple’s new custom domain feature to see how iCloud+ could serve as a replacement for Microsoft’s or Google’s email and productivity suites.